Train Your Talent Acquisition Team to Run Lean and Drive Results!

Hiring is the most important and expensive part of running a business. Recruiting teams are your brand ambassadors and are the first interaction a candidate has with your company. You can’t leave that in the hands of a recruiter that isn’t trained on best practices if you want fast and consistent results. Let us help you train your team.

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Thriversity is your solution if you...

  • Consistently have a pipeline with few or the wrong candidates
  • Have an inexperienced recruiting team
  • Want to drive results
  • Want to train your team on how to work effectively in conjunction with the hiring manager, or how to source inclusively

That's Where We Come In....

Thriversity was designed to reestablish and up-level standards in the recruiting industry through training. When trained the right way, your team will develop a robust set of recruiting habits, leading to best-in-class recruiters that deliver the results you crave and need.

Attracting and retaining top talent has never been more important and challenging. Everyone is looking for the best and the brightest to not only join their team, but also thrive in their company for years to come.

There isn’t a carved-out path to get into recruiting, causing a huge shortage in talented recruiters, which affects your bottom line. Our training will change this!

Lack of Training Costs You Money

40% of employees are likely to leave their jobs within one year due to a poor/lack of internal training experience

Each time an employee leaves, you lose 6 to 9 months of that employee's salary

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What Your Employees Gain

Solid Foundation

  • Understanding of full-cycle recruiting with an emphasis in tech
  • Skills to determine industry trends, analyze your competitors, and efficiently analyze data to target your ideal candidate persona
  • Knowledge of how to deliver a best-in-class candidate experience
  • Best practices to track candidates, both manually and through an ATS
  • Tips and tricks to working with urgency and purpose

Improved Performance

  • Collaborative networking Discord channels for all current Thrivers and Thriver Grads
  • Access to Thriversity Recruiting Coaches

Innovative Techniques

  • Learn how to perform LinkedIn Recruiter best practices with collaboration and diversity always top of mind
  • Capitalize on untapped talent through several unique sourcing techniques
  • Recognize the rules and exceptions for a hiring manager’s needs based on a candidate’s qualifications which is the separation factor between real recruiters and bots

Higher Emotional Intelligence

  • Develop a unique blend of soft skills and technical knowledge needed to confidently articulate your recruiting voice within your organization and amongst hiring managers
  • Become more resilient, motivated, and empathic and apply these qualities to all parts of the recruiting process
  • Learn methods to establish rapport with hiring managers
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Most Popular Training Offerings

Inclusive Sourcing

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Want better business results?

An inclusive culture results in a team that’s twice as likely to

  • Meet or exceed financial targets
  • Six times as likely to be innovative and agile
  • Eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes

Our training is designed to help you eliminate as much bias as possible.

Start with inclusive sourcing to make sure your company is one that employees from all backgrounds are proud to work at. You will have a stronger employer brand and represent your values with pride.

Missing your hiring goals? Have a frustrated recruiting team? It could be your hiring manager needs to also be trained.

Attracting the best and brightest employees to your company isn’t a one-time-only event, it's a continuous process of networking and building relationships with top talent. It starts within your own organization.

The interactions between recruiters and hiring managers can make or break your company's ability to attract and obtain top talent. Our training can help your team work together to make your company thrive.

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Hiring Manager Training

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