Frequently Asked Questions

Thriversity In-House

How many hours a day are students required to be dedicated to the course?

That depends on you and if this is an employee that has other work to be done at the same time. They need at least 20 hours a week dedicated to the course. 

How long do we get to keep this training content? 

Blackboard is our learning management system. You will be given access to Blackboard and a copy of the content that is yours forever. However, we do recommend a revamp of the material after 3 years. Depending on the market shift, that could be minimal. We also offer a service to do this for you.

How long does the certification good for?

3 years. Then the recruiters will need to be recertified. Market and technology shifts quickly, you have to stay on your toes in best practices. 

What happens if we put one of our employees through Thriversity, and they don’t pass? 

That would be up to you. If it were my employee, I would have them go through the sections they didn’t understand and spend more time with them (assuming they gave it their all). If it’s about work ethic, we don’t think there is anything we or you can do there. 

Do you offer instructors to put our employees through the training? Or offer any help with training our trainers?

Absolutely! There are all sorts of custom options we can do here. We know the course in and out and are able to put your staff through training. While we are doing that, we recommend you have a couple dedicated trainers shadow us so they can do it from then on. We also have a great "train the trainers" course we can put all your trainers through. They will know Blackboard in and out, while also becoming an excellent teacher and presenter.

For Individuals

Does this course help me start my own successful recruiting business?

Yes and No. You can’t possibly have your own recruiting business without knowing the fundamentals of recruiting. However, we don’t teach you how to start and run your own business. You need to do that work on your own.

Why do we do this? Why teach everyone the business so well and release our secrets?

We must tell you this question makes us laugh. In a good way. We know we're crazy for putting our secrets out there. When Brianna was first a recruiter and working for someone else. Her boss never wanted her to even tell her own colleagues what she was doing right. She has now been in the business for so long, that she realized there isn’t competition between recruiters. It’s really between the tech giants that pay over market. She is also tired of people not thinking of recruiting as a career, and we share her feelings. It is a career and should be respected like one. People think you need to have a degree and work up a corporate ladder. Not true! There is more than one path to get to your destination.

Do you tell me point blank what to do in order to be a good recruiter?

Definitely! That’s what this course is for. We don’t sugar coat anything. That would be a waste of time for us and you.

Do you help me find a recruiting job?

That depends on you. Once you take and pass these courses, it’s your choice. You can build and grow your own path. Or, you can join our Recruitmentship where we can help place you with our trusted clients. Getting trained in the recruiting fundamentals and all the soft skills needed in this industry, will give you a head start into this satisfying career.

Will I need to pay for subscriptions to linkedin, indeed, etc?

LinkedIn recruiter is expensive and very worth it. If we were you, we wouldn’t buy it yet. Wait till get all your ducks in a row and see where you end up. If it’s with a company, they pay for it. If it’s on your own, there are a lot of free options on LinkedIn that are really robust to use first. Indeed, and other job boards can be good to use for certain industries. We don’t love them for tech positions, as most of the great engineers aren’t needing to post their resumes.

If I do start my own business, do I need an email address that shows a domain other than Gmail, etc.?

We would. You need a company name. You need people to know you’re legit. Unless you want to just say you’re a freelance recruiter. That’s totally fine.

Can this course help me become a successful freelance recruiter?

Absolutely! Freelancing is easier than ever with all the collaboration that is going on in the recruiting business. There are recruiting agencies that have built platforms that make it super simple to split/share candidates.

Do I need a website before I begin recruiting?

No, but it helps. There are many options available for creating a website. Wix and Squarespace are the go-to for being easy for people to build websites themselves. Webflow is a step up from the “drag and drop” builder and 100% customizable (this is what we use). WordPress is a step up from that if you are looking for more features, since they have been around the longest.

Is the self-driven course for mid-level to advanced recruiters?

Depends on what your true knowledge level is. Our Self-Driven Full-Cycle Tech Recruiter course was built to teach you how to be an efficient tech recruiter very quickly. It has a lot of beginner and mid-level information on fundamentals and tech recruiting. Our Instructor-Driven course goes a lot deeper and takes a lot more time. Much better suited for someone that has the time, truly ready to take on this career full-time, or 1+ years experience, or is a recruiter and wants to get into tech recruiting. We are having an advanced tech recruiter course coming out in Summer 2022.

What learning management system do you use and how long do I have access to the course material?

Blackboard is our learning management system and you have access to everything for a year. Since we are getting this accredited, depending on that timing, you might get access a little longer. We want to ensure everyone gets the credit they deserve and accomplishes what they started.

What if I fail the certification test? Can I retake it? If so, how soon after?

Before we become accredited you can retake the test as much as you want. However, you really should study, go through modules again that you need help with and wait at least 24 hours to retake the test. Remember, this isn't school, this is a career. You need to practice and really know this information. When you complete the course, you will receive a completion certificate, but won’t receive the certification until you pass the test.

How often are their instructor-driven classes? 

The Instructor-driven course can be started at any time. Since we know it takes time to absorb and retain knowledge, we have this scheduled out over a 6 week period assuming you are getting your coursework done every week. Which means you will be given access to the next round of information every Monday. We don't let you skip ahead and we promise, this is for your own good.

Will my computer work with Blackboard?

Use this link to see if your computer meets the needed specs to access Blackboard Learn.

What's the refund policy?

Please refer to section H of our Thriversity Terms of Use policy for information about refunds. Please email if you have any further question.