Thriversity Station

Recruiters and Sourcers Looking to Upskill

Looking to develop your skills quickly? Check out the options below.

Sourcing Training

Are you struggling to find the right candidate? Have you tweaked your boolean search the best you can, and still no luck?

Our highly interactive virtual sessions will help equip you with the fundamental skills needed to deploy a top-tier sourcing strategy. Impress your boss by filling up that pipeline with top-tier candidates.

This service is right for you if you are

  • New to recruiting or sourcing
  • Having trouble finding the right candidate

Set up your 45-min session today.

Recruiter Coaching With Brianna

If you have questions about recruiting and want to speak with The Millionaire Recruiter herself, then this session is your opportunity. Select a 30-min or 60-min session and let's get started!

This service is right for you if you are

  • Wanting to talk to a recruiting expert with over 14 years of experience.
  • Searching for someone to talk to about starting your own recruiting business.
  • Curious about how to build a better hiring process.
  • Trying to practice intake calls.
  • Wanting to dig a little deeper into one of the lessons.

Recruiter Coaching

Do you have questions about recruiting? Do you want to practice candidate intake calls?

Practice makes perfect, and unasked questions don't get answers. Our Recruiter Coaches are here to help you with the course and to get dedicated practice.

In these 30-min sessions, you can pick what you want to talk about.

This service is right for you if you are

  • Looking for some. 1:1 time with a Recruiter Coach.
  • Looking for insights on topics like candidate experience, making an offer, InMail outreach messages, and much more...
  • Wanting to practice intake calls.
  • Wanting to dig a little deeper into one of our Thriversity course lessons.

Monthly Live Masterclass (Paused until 2024)

Recruiters and sourcers, need help upskilling? Each month, we host a Masterclass on a different topic.

You will learn from our CEO Brianna Rooney, occasional expert guest speakers, and your peers during these hour-long conversations.

At the end of the class, you will receive access to the recording for 30 days and a topic-related handout in case you want a quick refresher.

Looking For a Job? Make Sure You Are Branding Your Unique Self and Highlighting All Your Skills

Transferable Skills Document

Are you looking to break into a brand new career and don't know where to start? You NEED to showcase your transferable skills.

Featuring the transferrable skills doc. This will completely replace the cover letter and help show off what you can do for the industry you're getting into. This process as a whole will help give you the confidence to show off your soft and hard skills to grab the new career of your dreams.

This service is right for you if you are

  • Trying to break into a new industry, new career, or just transfer to a different department within your current organization
  • Showcase why you are ready to level up your job title/seniority
  • Score a side hustle
  • Wanting to demonstrate a unique ability in a way a resume can’t

Resume & LinkedIn Revitalization

There is a chance that your resume and LinkedIn profiles are not doing you any favors. We can review them and give suggestions to make you stand out.

Just pick your day, and send your resume, and a link to your LinkedIn profile ahead of your 30-min session. We will review it. On the day you select, we will see you in Google Meets to review our suggestions and answer any questions you might have.

This service is right for you if you are

  • Looking to spruce up your resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • Wanting to transition into a new industry.
  • Having trouble landing a new gig.

Interview Prep & Mock Interview

Are you freaking out about your next interview? We can't blame you. Interviewing is a science, one you can only learn by doing. Let us help you present yourself as a confident and prepared candidate.

Our experts can go over interview best practices and give you actionable feedback on your mock interview answers in this live, virtual 30-minute session.

Don't miss out on your dream role because you didn't prepare.

This service is right for you if you are

  • Just starting with your first career and looking to land that dream job.
  • Looking to be your best self in your next interview.
  • Lacking confidence and want to get some interview practice.
  • Wondering what the best approach is for interviewing.