Diversity Fundamentals

Company diversity matters to 76% of job seekers

  • Learning and understanding the terminology surrounding DEI&B
  • Understanding your company's DEI&B landscape within the workplace
  • Knowing how your company's brand is perceived with respect to DEI&B
  • Exploring the demographics of the industry and how to diversity source accordingly
  • Understanding your company's use of training, incentives, communication practices, and metrics relate to DEI&B

Recognize the gravity that Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B) plays in an organization’s growth potential and increased ability to retain talent.

Calibrating Diversity with Hiring Managers

Only 45% of founders are taking steps to address unconscious biases in hiring.

  • Unconscious Bias Scorecard - objective interview rubrics help to remove certain qualitative measurements that are hindering your DEI&B progress
  • Syncing with HMs to understand the URGs and areas of opportunity by department
  • Formulating their DEI&B recruiting plan and the practices associated with success
  • Talent attracts talent: when you emphasize diversity while bringing in a high-profile leader, you also gain access to their network and can leverage their reputation.

Pinpoint the experience, skills, & attributes that hiring managers will be scoring during the interviews and their relative values according to their DEI&B recruiting plan.

SeekING Out Underrepresented Talent

Companies with a diverse workforce are 35% more likely to outperform those without diversity initiatives

  • Understanding how top-talent is self-identifying long before they enter your hiring funnel
  • Learning to shift focus on different Indicators of success
  • Making LI Groups work for you through joining and thoughtful engagement
  • Partner with diversity associations at universities and nonprofits

Learn how proactive sourcing of diverse and underrepresented candidates widens your talent pool and creates a solid network at your fingertips.

Diversity Boolean Strings

56% of recruiters cite diversity as the primary pain point and 22% said they don’t currently source for diversity at all.

  • Learn how to maximize sourcing capabilities with proper diversity Boolean search techniques
  • Gain access to Thriversity's extensive Diversity Boolean string data base
  • Learn how to incorporate terms like ‘employee resource group’ and ‘ERG’ in your Boolean search strings, along with phrases related to different types of diversity-focused networks

Understand the craft of diversity sourcing and how to utilize effective Boolean search strings to streamline your efforts and improve your results.

Diversity InMail Development

LinkedIn data shows that response rates increase by 20% when talent professionals personalize their messages.

  • Recognizing where your company ranks among the 5 Levels of Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks and learn what it takes to move the mark
  • Gaining a clear understanding of which assumptions are safe to make and which ones are not
  • Knowing where your company's areas of opportunity are with regards to diversity

Demonstrate your learned knowledge to craft inMails that will capture the attention of your target candidates.  To bring in underrepresented minority or non-traditional background candidates, you can’t just be another InMail reach out.


A strong employer brand coupled with diverse representation among the workforce reduces turnover and recruitment costs by 50%

  • Understand how to tailor your content appropriately for your target audience
  • Knowing the market and how that impacts your candidates
  • Include something to highlight the diversity initiatives of your company
  • Diversity Inmail drafting Activity

Identify your organizations spend on DEI&B initiatives and the extent to which they are funded and supported. A diverse workforce has many tangible benefits for performance, innovation, and productivity

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