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Thriversity is officially in beta launch for the rest of the year! We want to see more of you win faster. What does this mean for you? The training to start your 6 figure dream recruiting career just got more affordable! Our prices have been adjusted for the rest of the year as we make small tweaks.
We have two different course offerings available, with more in the works. 

Our 6-week instructor guided course, Full-Cycle Tech Recruiter Foundation, is now live for enrollment. This class begins July 25, 2022. Enrollment ends July 22, 2022 or when seats are filled. 

Please note that our buy now, pay later option only available for United States customers at this time.


Self Driven

Tech Recruiter Bootcamp $695

Included in the Course

  • Over 6 hours of Video instruction from Brianna
  • Over 30 downloadable/printable student handouts
  • Knowledge assessments at the end of each module
  • Course hosted on Blackboard, the learning management system that gives a robust interaction with the content

Above & Beyond

  • Collaborative networking Discord channels for all current Thrivers and Thriver Grads
  • You have a year of access to the course
  • We push out all free updates to the course on a weekly basis

*This course can be completed in 2-5 days depending how much time you have to dedicate to it



6 Week Full-Cycle Tech Recruiter
Foundation Course $1,895

Included in the Course

  • 16 hours of video instruction from Brianna
  • 60+ downloadable/printable student handouts
  • In addition to the recruiter content, you will be given courses to build your soft skills and strengthen your emotional intelligence needed to become a successful recruiter
  • Weekly one-hour class access to a certified instructor for questions
  • All assignments graded and fine-tuning given to be a stronger recruiter
  • Group projects are presented in a classroom session, so you can learn from peers
  • The learning material will be released once a week in order to not go ahead and ensure you fully retain the information
  • Knowledge assessments at the end of each module
  • Course hosted on Blackboard, the learning management system that gives a robust interaction with the content

Above & Beyond

  • Collaborative networking Discord channels for all current Thrivers and Thriver Grads
  • Access to Thriversity Faculty
  • You have a year of access to the course

Class Schedule

*This course is self-paced over a 6 week period
Roughly 24 hours a week needed to be dedicated to the course to get the full value

Seats Available

Date Range

July 25, 2022 - September 2, 2022
September 19, 2022 - October 28, 2022
October 31, 2022 - December 9, 2022
*Break: November 21 - 25

Take a peek inside the curriculum

Recruiter Bootcamp Modules

Module 1: Intro into Recruiting 

-Thrivers will will understand why recruiting and talent acquisition is the career for them
-Thrivers will understand the recruiting cycle and be able to identify each stage of the cycle
-Thrivers will understand why the recruiting cycle is important and will be able to frame processes within this model
-Thrivers will learn recruiting averages and industry standards
-Thrivers will learn recruiting principles, best practices, and processes

Module 2: Fundamentals of Recruiting 

-Thrivers will be able to speak the industry language and understand industry terms, acronyms, and jargon
-Thrivers will be provided with the must haves and go to websites and resources to be successful as a tech recruiter
-Thrivers will understand recruiting in sexy tech domains, and how to navigate this space
-Thrivers will learn the top computer science schools
-Thrivers will gain an understanding of the motivations driving candidates in our current market
-Thrivers will learn the foundational information about venture capitalists
-Thrivers will become an organized and efficient recruiter

Module 3: Intro to Tech 

-Thrivers will understand the role of software engineers
-Thrivers will have a foundational understanding of computer languages and technologies
-Thrivers will be able to review job descriptions, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles to enable a better understanding of key skills, knowledge, abilities and experiences a candidate must have to be a desirable candidate

Module 4: Client Work

-Thriver will learn how to attract clients  
-Thrivers will learn how to negotiate a fee agreement
-Thrivers will learn how to navigate the client/company intake process
-Thrivers will learn how to format client/company pitches and will be provided with a baseline template
-Thrivers will learn how to navigate hiring manager intakes and be able to build upon their foundational knowledge given in previous lesson series
-Thrivers will learn about sourcing maps, and how to leverage this tool during sourcing operations

Module 5: Sourcing Fundamentals

-Thrivers will be provided with a roadmap to success for building the most power LinkedIn profiles
-Thrivers will learn about Boolean logic, and how to conduct basic Boolean searches.

Module 6: Sourcing

-Thrivers will learn different techniques to conduct sourcing, expanding upon the foundations of sourcing techniques delivered in earlier lesson series
-Thrivers will be able to write effective InMail messages
-Thrivers will learn about email sequences and how to conduct them

Module 7: Candidate Experience

-Thrivers will gain an understanding and knowledge of what they need to do when candidates respond
-Thrivers will learn how to do candidate intakes/recruiter screens/prelims
-Thrivers will learn how to prepare candidates for onsite/face to face/final interviews
-Thrivers will learn about preparing candidates for remote interviews
-Thrivers will learn how to manage candidate experience during onsite interview follow up

Module 8: Closing Candidates

-Thrivers will learn how to present offers to candidates
-Thrivers will learn how to negotiate offers for their candidates
-Thrivers will learn to use different techniques to close a candidate

Module 9: The Relationship

-Thrivers will learn different ways to stay in contact with Candidates, and the frequency of communication
-Thrivers will learn how to expand their network


-Thrivers will learn to celebrate their wins, and recognize when they need to recharge
-Thrivers will be able to set the stage and form who they currently are and who they want to grow into as a recruiter

Full-Cycle Tech Recruiter Foundation Course Modules

Module 1: Getting to know the TA/Recruiting Industry 

-Helpful Recruiting Resources
-Recruiting Averages - Industry Standards
-Recruitment Cycle Break Down
-Recruiting Principles, Best Practices & Process
-Talent Acquisition Dictionary
- Acronyms List

Module 2: Setting the foundation as a Recruiter

-Resiliency and Recruiting
-Understanding Emotional Intelligence
-How to Make the Most Powerful Linkedin

Module 3: Candidate Experience Fundamentals 

-What is Candidate Experience and Why is it Important?
-Writing Effective InMail pitches
-My inMail Example
-Most Common "Filler" Sentences to Avoid Using
-What to Do When a Candidate Gets Back to You
-Formatting a Resume 
-General Intake/Recruiter Screen/Prelim Call
-Recruiter Phone Screen Role Play 
-Recruiter Phone Screen Guide
-Candidate Motivators

Module 4: Sourcing

-Build Top of Funnel 
-Intake with Hiring Manager 
-Boolean Search Foundation
-Identifying Company Caliber Via a Sourcing Map Template 
-Example of a Sourcing Map 
-Profiles to Push Forward 
-8 Different Sourcing Techniques 
-How to Work With Hiring Managers

Module 5: Diversity Fundamentals

-D&I Terms
-Understanding DE&I
-Understanding Work Visas
-Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Diversity Statistics in STEM

Module 6: Diversity Sourcing

-Seek Out Underrepresented Candidates
-Diversity Boolean Strings
-Diversity Recruiting Dos and Don'ts
-Calibrating Diversity with Hiring Managers

Module 7: Closing

-Conversation Before Final Interview
-Onsite Interview Follow Up
-How to Present an Offer
-12 Different Ways to Close
-The Most Common Reasons People Decline Job Offers 
-Mock Closing Call 
-Closing Role Play

Module 8: Sexy Tech Explained, Identified & Practiced 

-Sexy Tech Explained 
-Tech Dictionary 
-Examples of Sexy Tech Industries
-Famous Sexy Tech Founders & Project
-Top Computer Science Schools
-Best International Schools for CS
-Software Engineering Explained
-React Native vs Native vs Mobile Web 
-Big Data and Distributed Systems Explained 
-Devops vs SRE
-Job Description Review
-Resume Review Part 1
-Resume Review Part 2-timed
-Calibrating on a Req to Boolean to Reading Profiles
-Recruiter Phone Screen for Tech Recruiters
-Step by Step Guide to do a Tech Recruiter Phone Screen

Module 9: Linkedin Recruiter Sourcing

-Company by Language Sourcing Tool 
-Boolean Strings Advanced
-Quick Review of Linkedin Profiles & What to look for
-Advanced Sourcing
-Saved Searches & Projects
-Sourcing Project

Module 10: VCs and Equity 

-Venture Capital Q&A
-Top Venture Capitalists in Tech
-Understanding Equity & Stock Compensation


-Getting to Know you as a Recruiter
-Articulate Your Recruiting Voice

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