Your Recruiting Journey Is Up to you!
It's time to spread your wings.

We’re experts at training people with zero recruiting experience and turning them into high-earning, efficient, fast moving, confident recruiters. We have a self-driven and instructor-guided course. In 6 short weeks, you will be on your way to starting a successful tech recruiting career. With tech recruiting in such high demand, you can take your career as far as you want. You can be an internal recruiter, an external recruiter, you can start your own recruiting business, or become a freelance recruiter on the side. The Talent Acquisition space is growing and adding roles rapidly, which means you can work your way up very quickly and change paths as the opportunities arise. 


Time to take flight, and accelerate your recruiting career.  

Once you have successfully completed our full-cycle tech recruiting course, and passed the test for the certification, we will help you land an exciting internal tech recruiting position with some of the most successful "sexy tech" companies.

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