Let's talk about the MANY benefits of a robust Recruitment training

Recruitment Training isn’t just new grads, current employees, nor just for aspiring recruiters or current recruiters — it’s for everybody!  Industry trends are always changing, technology is always improving, and job opportunities are always advancing.

That's Where We Come In....
Thriversity was designed to reestablish and up-level standards in the recruiting industry. When trained the right way, your team builds a robust set of recruiting habits and you build a best-in-class recruiting team.

Hiring is the most important and expensive part of running a business. Your people are your biggest asset. Recruiting teams are your brand ambassadors and are the first interaction a candidate has with your company. The candidate's experience is a motivator on why they should join a company. You can’t leave that in the hands of a recruiter that isn’t trained on best practices if you want fast and consistent results.

Attracting and retaining top talent has never been more important and more challenging. Everyone is looking for the best and the brightest to join their team. This means the demand for Recruiters is at an all-time high. There isn’t a carved-out path to get into recruiting, causing a huge shortage in talented recruiters. We will change this!

Studies Have Shown Huge Benefits to Training Your Team:

It's time to avoid the negative stats and reap the benefits of the positive ones!

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What Problems Does Thriversity Solve?

The Results Your Recruiting Team Receives After 6-Weeks

Solid Foundation of Full-cycle Recruiting With an Emphasis in Tech

  • Solid fundamentals of full-cycle recruiting given with an emphasis in tech
  • Become experts on industry trends, your competitor's, and more efficient ways to target the right candidate
  • Improvement of time management skills (building top of funnel, proactively pipelining and managing Req volume)
  • Act with a stronger sense of urgency and empathy towards the candidate experience
  • Efficiently analyze data to target your ideal candidate persona
  • Deliver a best in class candidate experience by studying a potential candidate's social footprint on a personal and professional level to understand what their interests/motivators are and thus, increasing the likelihood of candidate response
  • Understand their role in the negotiation process and the importance of their counseling when it comes to their candidate

Performance Improvement

  • Obtain knowledge and understanding of the technology involved in the roles they're recruiting for and the nuances of these positions
  • Ability to stay up to date on the latest tech industry standards, issues, and risks
  • Master the interview delivery guidelines needed to conduct advanced interviews
  • Learn best practices to track candidates, both manually and through an ATS
  • Understand Recruiter KPI's and best practices to hit metrics and provide visibility into their performance to key stakeholders
  • Increase candidate closing % through understanding candidate motivators and delivering offers with conviction, authenticity, market data and advanced sales tactics

Innovative Techniques

  • Capitalize on untapped talent through several unique sourcing techniques
  • Utilize diversity sourcing strategies and messaging techniques that set them apart from other talent teams
  • Utilize strategies that create more efficient relationship building interactions with potential candidates
  • Learn how to perform Linkedin Recruiter best practices with collaboration and diversity always top of mind
  • Maintain digital presence and network building techniques
  • Learn how to recognize and maneuver through a candidate driven market vs a company driven market
  • Develop an organized and daily efficient workflow
  • Recognize the rules and exceptions for a hiring manager’s needs based on a candidate’s qualifications which is the separation factor between real recruiters, and bots

Higher Emotional Intelligence

  • Develop a unique blend of soft skills and technical knowledge needed to confidently articulate your recruiting voice within your organization and amongst hiring managers
  • Communicate effectively and captivate candidates via all methods such as; social networks, InMails, emails, phone calls, text messages, virtual & in-person meetings
  • Strong interpersonal, networking, and communication skills with candidates and hiring managers
  • Become more resilient, motivated and empathic and apply these qualities to all parts of the recruiting process
  • Learn methods to establish rapport with hiring managers and apply strong collaboration techniques to aid in building trusting relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders
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Are You a Small But Mighty Business?

If you have a smaller recruiting team and don't need your training in-house, we have a solution for you that will ensure your recruiters get best-in-class training.

We can offer you bundles that will help cut your costs.

Curious about how much you would save? Do you have other questions? Contact us for more information at Info@Thriversity.com.

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Enterprise In-House Options

We have a number of solutions available for your company's needs. Here are a few details. Don't hesitate to reach out for more information. We would be happy to help you find the option that fits your needs and goals.

The Micro: Effective Assessment & Training

First up is our Micro package. This is perfect for a recruiting team that has 25+ people, or will be growing to that amount within 6-12 months. This would also be great for a company that is looking to train other members of the team to move into the talent acquisition department. Such as recruiting coordinators, current engineers, sales people, etc.

Discovery & Assessment

  • Skill and delivery gap analysis performed at the start

Training Module Delivery

  • Training on the Learning Management System
  • Knowledge retention assessments completed for each module
  • Emotional Intelligence + Emotional Resiliency module

Impact & Uplift Analysis

  • Post delivery knowledge and skills evaluation completed. Access to the data is shared with the Talent Acquisition team and key stakeholders

One Week Integration

  • You have one dedicated implementation manager from the Learning and Development team
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The Mega: Build on Training & Capture Key Insights

Our Mega package is perfect for a recruiting team that has 25-100 people. This is best suited for  companies that want all training content branded and personalized.

Discovery & Assessment

  • Talent Acquisition team will take a learning style questionnaire based on VARK (Visual, Aural, Read/Write, Kinesthetic) & give the results analysis. This ensures each individual is taught in the manner they absorb the best

Training Module Delivery

  • Learning Management System is company branded
  • Your Mission, Values and Culture added into the Learning Management System
  • Your own interview process and KPIs put into the Learning Management System

A 3 Week Integration

  • You have two dedicated members from the Learning and Development Team
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The Giga: Data Driven Training & Growth Enablement

Did someone say Giga? We sure did! This package is perfect for recruiting teams looking for a white glove training service that will continue to scale for many years. This is best for a company that wants their recruiting team well equipped with extra modules in emotional intelligence and want our certified instructors to train and role play with the team. This solution works best with 25-200 people (we can accommodate more recruiters, just let us know as we will need to have more instructors).

Train the Trainers + Certify up to 15 People as Instructors

  • High5 Insights Evaluation completed to show the team their own strengths and strengths as colleagues
  • Assertiveness and Self-Confidence module included
  • Weekly mock training exercises with trainers for 6 weeks
  • End-to-End module familiarization completed with all trainers + Shadow Evaluations for facilitators for 6 Weeks

Training Module Delivery

  • Your own branded onboarding content and training added to Learning Management System

Enhanced Impact & Analysis + Training & Content Refresh

  • Monthly reporting and analysis for the first year to show progress
  • One annual training refresh session
  • At the end of year one a content refresh is included

A 6 Week Integration

  • You have four members from the Learning and Development team to implement and train on our systems and solutions
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Do You Like to Customize? We Do Too!
Check Out Our Add-ons Below.

Train the Trainer Course

Make your instructors  Certified Trainers in 2 weeks (up to 15 people)
**Included in the Giga Package

Facilitated Training

Your team's 6-week training course will be instructed by a Certified Thriversity Instructor

Add Your Company Content

Do you have specific content and training you want added?
*Price based on amount of content to be added

Thriversity Instructor

One weekly hour long group instructor session with a Ceritified Instructor
Monthly Subscription

Personal Access to an Instructor

One private weekly hour long session with a Certified Instructor
**Monthly fee

Content Refreshers

The industry moves fast. Make sure your training is up-to-date with industry trends
**Quarterly or yearly updates subscriptions

We know that cookie-cutter packages don't always address exactly what you need. If you don't see it here, contact us to see how we can help you. Our staff comes from all size teams, stages and industries. We will be able to find a solution that works perfect for your company and stage of growth.

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Our Main Offerings Side by Side

The Micro

  • Discovery & Assessment done on current and future recruiting team
  • Training on the Learning Management System
  • Knowledge Retention Assessments completed for each module
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Team Accomplishments