Your people are your biggest asset!

Does your company need a world-class Recruiting team.....yesterday? We can help!
Thriversity was designed to solve the Recruiter shortage by training aspiring recruiters
to thrive in technology companies.

Hiring is the most important and expensive part of running a business. Your people are your biggest asset. Your recruiting team (your brand ambassadors) are the first interaction a candidate has. The candidate experience is a motivator on why they should join a company; you can’t leave that in the hands of a recruiter that isn’t trained on best practices. 

Attracting and retaining top talent has never been more important and more challenging. Everyone is looking for the best and the brightest to join their team. Which means the demand for Recruiters is at an all-time high. There isn’t a carved out path to get into recruiting, causing a huge shortage in talented recruiters. We will change this!

Need to train your current recruiters on best practices in order to build out the best Talent Acquisition Team?

Send them through our 6-week instructor-guided course
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You need Thriversity In-House
if you need to scale up your
recruitment efforts

This is a custom solution and every company is different. We help build what works for you.

How Thriversity In-House works

You can have Thriversity in-house to use for years and years. You will have your own Blackboard learning management system fully loaded with our in-depth training modules and content, branded as your own. We’ll add your missions, values, and current interview process to the course (assuming it’s a well-oiled machine). 

Our Staff will fully train you on the Blackboard system in order to facilitate training. You will have the option to use one of our instructors to drive the first training sessions in order to then train your trainers.

We know the recruiting world makes big shifts depending on the market and economy. You have the option for us to give you yearly refreshers or as needed.

Fully customizable packages available. Inquire below for more details.

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Full-Cycle Tech Recruiter Foundation Course

Take a peek inside the curriculum

In-House Instructor Driven Modules

Module 1: Getting to know our Value Proposition

-Getting to Know the Talent Acquisition Industry 
-Helpful Recruiting Resources 
-Our Recruiting Averages vs Current Industry Standards
-Recruitment Cycle Break Down at “Insert your company name” 
-Our Recruiting Principles, Best Practices & Process
-Talent Acquisition Glossary 
-Acronyms List

Module 2: Setting the Foundation to be a Successful Recruiter

-Resiliency and Recruiting
-Understanding Emotional Intelligence
-How to Work With Hiring Managers

Module 3: Candidate Experience Fundamentals 

-Enhance Candidate Experience
-Writing Effective InMail Pitches
-Approved Automated Messaging 
-Formatting a Resume the Hiring Manager Wants to See
-General Intake/Recruiter Screen 
-Recruiter Phone Screen Role Play 
-Recruiter Phone Screen Guide
-Candidate Motivators

Module 4: Sourcing

-Build Top of Funnel 
-Intake with Hiring Manager 
-Boolean Search Foundation
-Identifying Company Caliber Via a Sourcing Map Template (Featuring Crunchbase and Linkedin) 
-Example of a Sourcing Map 
-Profiles to Push Forward 
-8 Different Sourcing Techniques

Module 5: Diversity Fundamentals

-D&I Terms
-Understanding DE&I Here at “insert our company name” 
-Understanding Work Visas

Module 6: Diversity Sourcing

-Seek out Underrepresented Candidates
-Diversity Boolean Strings
-Diversity Recruiting Dos and Don'ts
-Calibrating What Diversity Means with Hiring Managers

Module 7: Closing

-Conversation Before Final Interview
-Onsite Interview Follow Up
-How to Present Your Candidate With an Offer
-12 Different Ways to Close
-The Most Common Reasons People Decline Job Offers 
-Closing Role Play (Featuring Crunchbase and

Module 8: Sexy Tech Explained, Identified & Practiced

-Sexy Tech Explained 
-Tech Dictionary 
-Top Computer Science Schools
-Best International Schools for CS
-Software Engineering Explained
-React Native vs Native vs Mobile Web 
-Big Data and Distributed Systems Explained 
-Devops vs SRE, Bonus Video Interview with a Senior SRE 
-Job Description Review
-Resume Review Part 1
-Resume Review Part 2-timed
-Learn how to Read Linkedin Profiles
-Calibrating on a Req to Determining the Right Booleans to Use For a Search
-Recruiter Phone Screen for Tech Recruiters
-Step by Step Guide to do a Tech Recruiter Phone Screen

Module 9: Linkedin Recruiter Sourcing

-Company by Language Sourcing Tool 
-Boolean Strings Advanced
-Quick Review of Linkedin Profiles – What to Look for
-How to Make Powerful Saved Searches & Projects
-Sourcing Project, Backend Position

Module 10: VCs and Equity -Featuring Crunchbase 

-Venture Capital Q&A
-Top Venture Capitalists in Tech
-Understanding Our Equity & Stock Compensation


-Getting to Know you as a Recruiter
-Articulate Your Recruiting Voice